Improve turnaround time by 20-30%. Setting up to unload can be both time consuming and physically draining. With most swing augers the truck has to be moved twice to get a conventional swing arm under the trailer and in position to unload the first hopper. You must then move the truck a third time to reach the second hopper and then a fourth time, and possibly fifth, before you can get back to the combine.


The Televeyor takes all of this time consuming work and frustration out of setting up. You simply park the truck once. The Televeyor hydraulically swings and telescopes up to 8’, allowing you to set up and reach both hoppers. Once the first hopper is empty you won’t be wasting time moving the truck again. The power driven wheels will swing the Televeyor to the next hopper. You then hydraulically telescope the Televeyor into the exact position required. It’s a fast, effortless and easy one-person job, adding a 20-30% improvement to your turnaround time.


Makes setting up fast and effortless even in soft, rutted or icy areas. Plus there is less dust with the conveyor, and the hopper self cleans. Televeyor costs less than twice the price of a new intake auger. Remember swing augers can be ordered without the intake auger, 10% more capacity because of clearance issues, swing augers use many small diameter augers in the hopper. The inefficiency of feeding many small augers into a big auger becomes the limiting factor in overall capacity. Televeyor’s 24” wide belt inside a 14” tube will outperform the standard swing or transfer auger. As a result, you will get approximately 10% more capacity from your main auger.



The Televeyor is equipped with an all-season belt and stainless steel lacing, providing extended life and increased durability. All Televeyors are powder coated resulting in a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish.


Easy Transport and Setup


The mounting mechanism includes a transport system with its own dolly wheels. The hydraulic controls on the Televeyor allow you to place it in and out of transport without lifting, pushing or cranking. During transportation the weight of the Televeyor is placed on its own frame, eliminating any side strain placed upon the auger. This allows the auger to remain aligned with small bin openings, which further increases the efficiency of the operation. Once in the unloaded position, it only takes 30 seconds and the Televeyor is ready for transport to the next bin.