Here’s what you need to know about the new TeleVeyor Xpress

  • Fills air seeders @150 bushels per minute.
  • Runs off existing hydraulic circuit.
  • Measures 24 feet retracted, extends to 32 feet fully open.
  • Hydraulically telescopes 8 feet for easy semi unloading into air seeders.
  • Full hydraulic positioning for loading or cleaning out air seeders.
  • Standard hydraulic positioning controls or remote available.
  • Flows from a 18″ belt into a 10″ tube, gentle on pulse crops & canola seed. Does not turn fertilizer into dust.
  • Cleans up 100% after each product.
  • Low profile hopper compatible with semi’s 4 ft wide x 5 ft long x 14 inches high.
  • Top mount hydraulic arm with quick disconnect, acts as a crane to load mini bulk bags.
  • All stainless steel conveyor & tubes—keeps it’s value.
  • Available for most makes and models.